A Firm That Focuses on Go-to-Market Strategy

A collaborative approach that not only solves problems but makes you better.

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Lynn Cullotta

Lynn Cullotta Consulting (LCC) is a global firm recognized for leadership in developing go-to-market strategies. We bring a proven track record of customizing strategy solutions that deliver results for clients as markets transition:

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    Anticipating and adapting to new market realities caused by extreme market stress and discontinuity

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    Surgically defending revenue in core segments and/or accelerating business growth in new areas where a client’s core competencies can really be leveraged

Our promise is to help our clients get faster answers and better outcomes through measurable, actionable strategies. LCC’s approach combines our body of knowledge with that of our client’s. This collaborative framework is scrutinized from internal and external points of view—ensuring that the recommended game plan fits both the client’s capabilities and the structure of its market.

Carl and Kathy Lynn Cullotta

We have over 60 years of combined consulting experience helping clients achieve profitable growth.

We have built and managed four consulting firms throughout our careers, successfully completing over 1,000 engagements.

Our goal is and has always been the same. To create an expert business model that brings the right resources to solve any client’s growth challenge. With an extended network of 20+ seasoned professionals, who contribute relevant subject matter or industry experience, LCC offers thought leadership and hands‑on execution capabilities that cover the myriad of challenges that businesses face in designing and implementing their go-to-market strategies.

Lynn Cullotta Consulting is different. Our entire approach—from the way we structure the firm to the way we work with clients—is designed to make you, our client, better.

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